Humanities Student Union

The Humanities Student Union (HUMSU) was established in 1995 by founding members Roger Farr, Aaron Vidaver, Gregory Placanouris, Ella Ophir, Steven Ward, Cathy Larman and others. Initial activities included sponsoring some films in conjunction with the English Student Union, securing a student common room in the AQ and hosting some socials. In 1999, Humanities was given department status, and students were able to formally sit on department committees. Participation in the HUMSU connects students to a group of people with common interests, dedicated to making the most of their university experience.

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Executive Team

Ashlee Tam, Co-Chair/FASS DSU Rep 

Athena Samonte, Co-Chair/Treasurer/Department Faculty Rep

Elizabeth-Anne Chow, Secretary

Sam Adam, Lower Division Representative

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The HUMSU is currently active and always welcomes new and enthusiastic members.

Automatic membership is extended to: 

  1. Declared Global Humanities students and students registered in the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma Program in Global Humanities.
  2. Students who are currently enrolled in at least one Global Humanities course.


student representation

Student input is a respected and integral part of the department's policy and the following committees need student representatives.

Department of Global Humanities

Up to 2 student representatives elected by the Student Union. Attend Department meetings (2 to 4 per term) and have voting  privileges. Term of office to be set by the Student Union. Department meetings are scheduled as required on Thursdays at 10:30AM in AQ 6204.

Global Humanities Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

One student representative elected to a one-year term.


Writing Contest

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The HUMSU organized a writing and art competition for undergraduate students titled "Witness to Humanity" with the goal of showcasing the winning pieces both online and in physical print.


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The HUMSU started this amazing initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to connect students, instructors, faculty members, and staff during this challenging time by inviting them to share their experiences.


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The HUMSU publishes inter/tidal., an academic interdisciplinary journal that showcases poetic and prosaic pieces, visual art, as well as short critical essays. The journal is currently on hiatus.