Lorenzo Tomescu

Community, Youth, and Vocational Support Worker

Areas of interest

Mythology, psychoanalysis, Girardian and Nietzschean philosophy, and visual art.


  • MA, Humanities, Simon Fraser University


Lorenzo Tomescu's thesis, “The Labours of Heracles as Labours of Love” interprets the fifth century tragedy Herakles by Euripides. The text analyses the significance of the play, within its mythological tradition from the perspective of psychoanalysis, Girardian and Nietzschean philosophy. In addition to academic research and writing, Lorenzo draws inspiration from visual art. In 2016, he participated in the annual Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Creative Connections conference held at the University of Alberta. Lorenzo presented a research paper complemented by artworks he produced during the course of his studies. He believes that his artwork reflects his learning of literary theory and adds to the expression of his understanding of social philosophy. In terms of Lorenzo’s career, he maintains positions working as a Community, Youth, and Vocational support worker. His future career aspiration is that of an educator in the area of Special Education and the establishment of his own art studio.