Maggie Tsang

PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University
Health Sciences

Areas of interest

Health beliefs and patients' experiences, Chinese medicine, philosophy of medicine, and decolonizing medicine.


  • MA, Humanities, Simon Fraser University
  • MA, Philosophy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • BSc, Environmental Science & Management, City University of Hong Kong


Maggie Tsang is an interdisciplinary researcher. She was born and raised in Hong Kong, where she obtained her BSc in Environmental Science & Management and MA in Philosophy degrees. Later, she came to SFU Humanities to research on the nature of knowledge of Chinese medicine with reference to modern biomedicine and completed her MA thesis “Chinese Medicine as Hermeneutic Knowledge? On the Role of Classical Works such as Huangdi neijing suwen in Chinese Medicine” in 2019. She then started her PhD study at SFU Health Sciences. Currently as a PhD candidate, her project aims to understand the marginalization of medical pluralism and the use of Chinese medicine in B.C. during the COVID-19 pandemic.