Carlos Colorado

Associate Professor, JMP Chair, University of Winnipeg

Areas of interest

Secularism, colonialism, power and coloniality, race, politics of identity, religion and politics, and religion and modernity.


  • PhD, Religious Studies, McMaster University
  • MA, Special Arrangements (SAR), Simon Fraser University
  • BA, Humanities, Simon Fraser University


Carlos Colorado earned a Phd from McMaster University following the completion of his BA and MA at SFU. He is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Winnipeg. His research and teaching attend critically to the place of religion in western modernity, focusing especially on the ways in which religion shapes social, political, and ethical life in contemporary secular cultures. His feature-length documentary film, "The Good Life: Decolonizing the Secular," explores the important role of Indigenous spirituality in Canadian public life and examines whether processes of reconciliation can be “secular.”