Call for Poster Abstracts

Poster Preparation Guidelines

The purpose of facilitated poster sessions is to provide an opportunity for participants to share ideas and insights and interact around a theme addressed by a set of related posters. Facilitated Poster Sessions are comprised of short oral presentations followed by facilitated discussion. The session begins with an introduction by the chair. Each presenter will then stand beside their poster and describe its highlights (3 minutes). Once each presenter has spoken, the chair will lead a discussion around the issues raised in each poster.

General Guidelines for Poster Preparation

Poster Orientation and Dimensions

Please note that the orientation format for posters is A0 Portrait. Poster maximum size:

Width: 33 inches (84.1 cm)
Height: 46 inches (118.9 cm)

Format and Content

Posters should display at the top: the title and author(s) names and affiliation in large letters. The background/purpose, methodology, results and conclusions should follow. Posters may include diagrams, graphs, charts, photos and should be designed so that they can easily be read at a distance of 6 feet (2 meters).

Note: Authors must bring their posters already printed. There will be no printing services available at the conference venue.

Set Up and Removal Times 

Authors are invited to display their poster throughout the conference. Set up is at 8:00 am on Thursday, May 23. Posters must be removed before 1:00 pm on Friday, May 24. The organizers are not responsible for loss or damage of posters which are not removed by authors within the times of dismantling.

Information for Presenters


As is common in North America, poster boards are 4 feet high and 8 feet wide (120cm x 240 cm). Authors should mount their posters on the poster boards at least 15 minutes before they are scheduled to be presented and be prepared to stand by their poster for the allocated time.

Poster Content: Your poster should provide the following information:

  • Title of project
  • Name and academic credentials of the author(s)
  • An introduction explaining the reason for doing the research, both from an academic and a societal point of view, and stating the central research question to be answered
  • A methods section showing how the central research question will be answered -- this section contains a description of the subjects, as well as about both data collection and data analysis
  • A results section showing the main results - preferably in graphs, tables, schemas
  • A discussion section that should lead to a sound conclusion
  • A references section with the bibliographic description of all references cited in the poster

Conference Proceedings

Abstracts of submitted posters will be distributed to attendees and after the conference, posted on the Friesen conference series website: