Faculty-submitted resources for your class

Discover helpful activities, teaching practices, and other methods shared by SFU faculty and instructional staff to bring conditions for well-being to life in your own learning environment.


Resources for "services and supports"

  • 5-Minute Well-being Activities
    Use these 5-minute well-being activities (no prep needed) to help your students enhance their well-being and academic success.

  • Bouncing Forward Resilience Course
    This free, CCR-credited online Canvas course provides strategies on how students can build their personal resilience and improve their well-being. It can be shared with your students in your syllabus, on your lecture slides or through an announcement. You can also invite SFU Health Promotion to come and present this content to your class.

  • Health and Well-being Resources Slide Deck
    SFU Health Promotion has built a presentation slide deck you can use to share health and well-being information and supports with students at the beginning or end of your class. Contact Health Promotion or learn more about well-being education resources.

  • Make Space
    Maintaining our overall well-being is key to maintaining a supportive learning and working environment at SFU – whether you’re a student, staff, or faculty member. SPACE is an easy-to-remember acronym that outlines five evidence-based areas to support your own, your peers’, or your colleague’s mental health.

  • Mindfulness Meditation Practice
    Taking a moment to pause and breathe can help students relax, de-stress, be present, and feel more grounded. Consider sharing self-guided mindfulness resources or schedule them as part of your classes, lectures, seminars, labs, tutorials, etc. Explore these resources, audio/video recordings and downloadable apps.

  • Recognizing & Referring Students in Difficulty
    Learn more about how to support students in difficulty, referrals to resources, and tips for taking care of yourself. This is a companion document for faculty, instructors, staff, and TA/TMs to the SFU Supporting Students in Distress Response Guide.

  • SFU's Response Guide for Faculty and Staff
    SFU's Response Guide for Faculty and Staff is written to help you identify and potentially assist students in distress, pointing them in the direction of appropriate services and supports for their situation.

  • Stretch Break
    Use these stretching techniques (see PowerPoint slides) during a class break to help students relax and feel their best.

  • Template for Feedback
    Use this template to explore how you can share links to resources with students within the feedback you provide on their work.