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Program Information, Arrange-a-Visit, and Mailing Info:

Main Mailing address:
Indigenous Languages Program
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
(or RCB 8110-8113  8888 University Drive)
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada V5A 1S6


General Office/Inquiries/Communications & Media
Telephone 778-782-9763

INLP/FNEP Cohorts Students Inquiry Line:
1 800 399 5565

Academic Advice/Advising Appointments:
Students: Please include your SFU Student ID number and contact phone number in your email.

Department and Academic Programs website:
INLP Programs:

INLP-  Indigenous Language Program
Robert C. Brown Hall, Room RCB 8110, Burnaby Campus


FNLP Program Coordinator (Cheyenne) 778.782.9763
FNLP Budget/Program Assistant (Brett) 778.782.9763
FNLP Manager & Program/Academic Advisor (Lorraine)  778.782.5595

Cancelled effective November 9, 2018
: Fax service (number ending 4989) for FNLP is cancelled and is no longer available in use. Please send document to us via email or post/courier. Thank you.

Public Service or Event Announcements:
Email: Please include your full contact information.

Indigenous Languages Program Main Office

Our head office is located on
SFU Burnaby Campus
Robert C. Brown Hall: RCB 8110/8113 (new office location from September 07, 2020)


About SFU Kamloops Site:
Effective January 1, 2011, the Kamloops Yellowhead Hwy site office is closed. All program services relocated to SFU Burnaby. (See FNLP Academic Outreach.)

Burnaby Campus Effective January 2018, FNEP/FNLP location in First Nations Studies (Saywell Hall 9091) has closed. All offices moved to Robert C. Brown Hall, SFU Burnaby Campus.