INLP & FNEP Graduation

Graduation 2020

Convocation Ceremonies - Virtual Events

Congratulations Fall 2020 First Nations Languages Graduands!

Master of Arts in Linguistics of a First Nations Language degree, Certificate in First Nations Language Proficiency and Diploma in First Nations Language Proficiency credentials.
There are various Virtual Convocation celebrations and events will take place in Octiber 2020.  *An in-person ceremony will take place at a later date.) See "Convocation Ceremonies Fall 2020" before for a list of virtual events.

June 2020 Virtual Convocation:
To view schedule and watch the celebration, visit


SPRING 2021 - Getting Ready to Graduate

   We are now accepting graduation applications for Fall 2020.

Attn:  INLP and FNEP Students

If you have
(1) completed all your program's requirements but not yet applied to graduate,
(2) you will be completing all your program's requirements by the end of the  Spring 2021 Academic Term,

scroll down this webpage until you reach the "INLP Graduation - Info & Procedures" section for the graduation application (form) and relevant information including application deadline details.

INLP/FNEP Graduation Information, Procedures and Deadlines


TO:  SFU Students in an Indigenous Languages Program (INLP) and/or in a Community Academic Outreach Programs (FNEP)

We are now accepting graduation applications for Spring 2021.

EARLY FEE DEADLINE for INLP/FNEP Students:  February 21st - 4 p.m., Monday
FINAL application deadline: April 16th, 12 noon, Friday

Eligible students in an Indigenous (First Nations) Language Proficiency Certificate (CINLP/CFNLP) Program or a Diploma (DINLP/DFNLP) Program (CFNLP) or First Nations Community Academic Outreach (FNEP/NEP) cohorts students completing program requirements in Spring 2021 Academic Term who wish to graduate and attend the June 2021 SFU Convocation (Burnaby Campus) may apply to graduate. 

If you have completed all requirements prior to Spring 2021 but have not apply to graduate,  you may also apply now to graduate.  Your Convocation ceremony will also be in June 2021.

Academic Advising and Graduation Check:
To arrange an academic advising appointment or to request a graduation requirement progress review, please contact the Academic Advisor in Indigenous Languages Program (


Graduation Memo and Application Instructions:
Please read the Graduation Memo for details. Click [ PDF ] icon (below) to view the memo.

SPRING 2021 MEMO to INLP/FNEP Cohort Students: To be uploaded.

* Graduation_Memo_to_INLP_FNEP_Students_re_1207_FALL2020.pdf
Graduation memo to INLP/FNEP Students (FALL 2020/Term 1207). Submit your graduation application to by no later than December 15th, 2020.

Early bird Application DEADLINE to submit your application to the Indigenous Languages Program Office:
4 p.m., Monday, February 21st, 2021*.

* See also "Additional Information" section below.


* 2020_FILLABLE_FNLP-FNEP_Grad_Application.pdf

!!! Complete and print hardcopy, or
     use your computer's "Print as PDF" function to save your data entered application form.


Please RETURN your completed and signed application (in pdf format) to:

SFU Indigenous Languages Program -


Application Fee:

For 2021 Spring: 
Early Application Fee:  Degree $35 CAD. Certificate and Diploma credentials: $20 CAD.
Late Application Fee:  Degree $85 CAD.  Certificate and Diploma: $70 CAD.

If you have tuition/fees sponsorship for the graduation application fee, please ask your band sponsor to complete the INLP/FNEP Indigenous Student Sponsorship Form, sign and return by email to our office. 

The sponsorship form is available for download from


Additional Information for Spring 2021 Graduation Application Process

INLP/FNEP Students Graduation Application Deadline if you wish to be awarded and receive your credential in 2021:

Submit your completed, signed and email your application to  [  ].

* 2020_FILLABLE_INLP-FNEP_Grad_Application.pdf
INLP/FNEP Graduation Application Form: This is a fillable form. Remember to print either a hardcopy, sign and scan; or 'Print to PDF' and 'Save' your data. Please email your signed application to INLP (

Convocation and Graduation Application

Prior to Convocation, each graduand will be contacted regarding the convocation ceremony. Information on procedures that each graduand is expected to follow in preparation for Convocatoin will also be included.

Be sure to check your SFU Mail ( email for messages from the University regarding the status of your graduation application and Convocation information.

Graduands are responsible to notify Convocation (SFU and/or INLP) organizers of their attendance at Convocation in a timely manner.


SFU Kamloops Program/NEP/FNEP Students:
If you have been a Kamloops Program student or has NEPNSA noted in your advising transcript, please ensure you contact the Academic Advisor in First Nations Languages Program ( for information related to your graduation application.

FNEP/INLP Graduation Application Submission: 
Please download the above application form, complete, sign and return it to the Indigenous Languages Program.
By email to:; or
by mail to:
Indigenous Languages Program, SFU, Room RCB 8113, SFU, 8888 University Drive, Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6.

Graduation application fees: 
An application fee is charged upon receipt of your graduation application.
Click Spring 2021 Undergraduate Fees - Graduation section of the SPRING 2021 Academic Calendar to view term's fees.

Other Information:

  • January 5, 2021: Deadline to cancel application to graduate in June 2021 Convocation if you have completed degree requirements in Fall 2020.

FEES: An application fee* of $35 is required to apply for graduation for a degree, and a fee of $20 is required to apply for graduation for a certificate or a diploma.  If you missed the early INLP (FNEP) graduation application period, the application (late) fee will apply. It will be $85 for a degree; and $70 for a certificate or a diploma credential.

*Band sponsorship or external project funded: Please note on the Card number field in the Payment section of the graduation application form, "Sponsored" as well as the following
a) If you have band sponsorship, please write the name of your band sponsorship organization.  Please make sure your funding sponsor completes, sign and return the SFU FNLP Indigenous Student Sponsorship Authorization (form) to the FNLP Office.
b) If you are funded through a government education support program
, please indicate the name of the program. (Eg. "Post-secondary Partnerships Program, Indigenous Services Canada.")

For additional information or an application from INLP Office,
please contact or call 778.782.9763(1 800 399 5565);
or about Convocation, please refer to the SFU Convocation Main website (


TO: All SFU Students

** Always double-check deadlines at the Main SFU website and/or Main SFU Convocation website. **

Please visit:

JUNE 2021 CONVOCATION - Date(s) - To be Announced.

Planning Your Day

Information on how to confirm your Convocation attendance and to order your Convocation regalia, please visit the SFU Convocation website - Planning Your Day webpage. 

The instructions provided in the SFU Convocation Planning Your Day website can be found in the "Parchment and Regalia" webpage. Below is a PDF which shows most of the screenshots of the various steps graduands may encounter when RSVP'ing using the Student Information System (SIS or goSFU).

To see screenshots of how to RSVP your attendance to an on-campus in person Convocation Ceremony via SIS (goSFU):
Please view PDF directly below. 

(The PDF for Fall 2020 How to confirm attendance and regalia order for Convocation will be available closer to Convocation RSVP period.)

Note:  RSVP portal in SIS opens approximately three weeks prior to Convocation.

SFU Indigenous Students Centre's
June 2021 Honoring Feast

Event Date:  TBA.



How many guests can I bring to a Convocation Ceremony?

Seating in Convocation Mall is limited. Students may invite a maximium of four guests for the Convocation ceremony. Seating is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Please let your guests know to arrive to Convocation Mall on Burnaby Campus at least 30 minutes prior to the ceremony for seating.


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