Student Sponsorship Authorization

Attention:  Indigenous Languages Program (INLP) and FNEP Cohort Students:

Use this form if you may be eligible for third party sponsorship while attending an Indigenous languages academic program/program courses offered
by the SFU Indigenous Languages Program (INLP). 

*** Please ensure the sponsor-signed authorization form is received by the INLP Office before and not later than the first week of classes of the academic term you are attending.***

Step 1:

Download onto your computer (or copy this webpage's link) and forward to your band/tuition/fund sponsor the "FNEP/INLP Cohort Indigenous Student Sponsorship Authorization for Indigenous Languages Program" (pdf form) below:

INLP_FNEP_Cohort Students Sponsorship_Form_v.Aug2023.pdf

Sponsorship generally is for application fees, tuition fees, ancillary fees course materials and student fees. 
Transcript requesst fees, graduation application fee, and other student services fees may also be noted by the sponsor on this form.


Step 2:

Please return fully completed and signed form to the

Indigenous Languages Program Office (INLP)

by one of the following methods:

Email:   (Please send in .pdf format when returning INLP Sponsorship Authorization form by email.) 

Mail:  Indigenous Languages Program, SFU, Robert C. Brown Hall RCB 8113,  8888 University Drive, Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6

NOTE: The Academic Year SFU domestic application fee for INLP/FNEP undergraduate students is at $82.60 per application (for admission/readmission). The graduate level domestic application fee is $90 per application.*

For SFU undergraduate fees and deadlines information, visit Student Services Fees and Tuition website.

*Fees are subject to change.

This page last updated:  August 2023