INLP & FNEP Reactivation

SFU Student Reactivation Application

If you meet all of the following criteria, please fill out the INLP/FNEP Student Reactivation Application:

  • you previously attended and enrolled (completed) at least one full term at SFU
  • you are in good academic standing, or on academic probation, or continued on academic probation
  • you have been absent from SFU for three or more consecutive academic terms
  • you have completed academic studies (except for LOP) at another postsecondary institution during the time away from SFU.

To use the fillable Reactivation Application, please click on PDF icon below or click: [ INLP/FNEP Student Reactivation Application ] to download .pdf file onto your computer before you begin to add data to it:

* INLP_Reactivation_Form_(fillable)_vMAR2021.pdf
INLP/FNEP SFU Student Reactivation Application (v.March 2021)

Please complete, sign and return the form to the Indigenous Languages Program by one of the following methods:

1) By mail or in-person delivery:

Indigenous Languages Program
Simon Fraser University
Room RCB 8110-8113
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6

2) By email: Email the document (in .pdf format) to the INLP Office at
     REMINDER:  Please include your SFU ID number in your request email.

You may also use the Student Reactivation Application if

  • you have graduated from SFU and wish to reapply for a different program, and
  • you have completed no further academic studies at a postsecondary institution during the time away from SFU.

If you do not meet either set of criteria noted above, then please use the Admission/Readmission Application found on our INLP Admission webpage.

Thank you.


This page last updated:  15 March 2021