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Temporary Instruction Appointments in FNLP:

Sessional Instructor (SI)        Teaching Assistant (TA)                Tutor-Marker (TM)

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Sessional Instructor Positions

Fall 2021:  Sessional Instructor 

Position Cohort/Language

Course Location

(On Reserve)

Course Units Competition Status
SI-13 Dene/Athapasken & Tlingit  Yukon Territory INLG 130 A390:  Practical Phonetics for Indigenous Languages  3 Closed/pending
SI-14 Dene/Athapasken & Tlingit  Yukon Territory INLG 335 A390:  Topics in Indigenous Languages I -
ST-Indigenous Language Teaching Method I
3 Closed/pending
SI-15 Dene/Athapasken & Tlingit  Yukon Territory INLG 335 YUK: Topics INL I - 
ST-Indigenous Language Curriculum & Materials Development I
3 Closed/pending
SI-16 Dene/Athapasken & Tlingit  Yukon Territory INLG 335 YUK Topics INLG I  -
ST-Indigenous Language Revitalization
3 Closed/pending
SI-17 Hul'q'umi'num' Remote INLG 200 A320/325: Introduction to Grammar in an Indigenous Language 3 Closed/pending

Application deadline for positions SI-13 through SI-16: Friday, August 25, 2021 at 12 NOON

Application deadline for position SI-17: Monday, August 30th, 2021 at 4:00PM  

Non-instructional Appointments

Non-instructional Indigenous Languages employment opportunities will be posted as they become available.

Just posted:  N/A

Application Deadline: N/A.

Details and Job Posting: SFU HR Current Postings

Student Research Appointments

Research Assistant positions:  

There are currently no temporary Research Assistant positions available.

Work-Study positions:  FOR FULL TIME STUDENTS

FALL 2021  Indigenous Languages Work-Study projects available: There are TBA projects available.

Project: For Project summary and position details visit SFU Financial Aid Work-Study Job Search website (workstudy.its.sfu.ca)

  • Interested students:  You must be accepted first into the SFU Work-Study program before you can apply for a Work-Study position in an upcoming academic term.
  • Course Enrollment Requirement: Enrolled in a minimum of 9 units of courses if you are an undergraduate student in Summer 2021 or in a minimum of 6 units of courses if you are a graduate student in Summer 2021.

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