Temporary Instruction Appointments: Supplemental Information


To view information SFU TSSU Collective Agreement Appointment Priority and Departmental Hiring Criteria and Teaching Assistant (TA) and Tutor/Marker (TM) Appointment Priorities:

          2014-2019 version

For definitions and additional information on Teaching Assistant and Tutor/Marker appointment, hiring, and duties, please refer to the SFU TSSU Collective Agreement posted at the SFU Human Resources Prospective Employees website.



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C. Policies


     In accordance with Canadian Immigration requirements, this advertisement is directed to people who are eligible for 
    employment in Canada at the time of application. Simon Fraser University is committed to the principle of equity in 
    employment and offers equal employment opportunities to qualified applicants. (Employment Equity Policy, GP 19)

   Freedom of information and protection of privacy: The information requested is collected under the authority of the University 
   Act (R.S.B.C. 1996 c.468, s. 27(4)(a)), and the University‚Äôs policy of Collection of Personal Information, (I 10.05). The 
   information is directly related to processing your application for a teaching appointment, and for offers of employment for 
   successful applicants. If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information please contact the Manager,
   Indigenous Languages Program, Simon Fraser University, (778) 782-5595.


D. Other Information

CONTACT INFO re this and FNLP Employment webpages: FNLP Manager, inlp@sfu.ca, 778-782-5595

Categories Definitions:
Teaching Assistant Categories: See Article XIII: A 1. & 2.
Tutor/Marker Categories: See Article XV: A 1. & 2.

Academic Year & Term Definitions:
At SFU, the calendar year is divided into three 'Academic Terms' (formerly called 'semesters'). The three academic terms at SFU are Spring, Summer, and Fall.  The Spring Term runs January to April. The Summer Term runs May to August (with an Intersession between May to June and Summer Session between June to August; and the Fall Term runs from September to December.

The SFU  'Term Code' (previously known as semester code coded as YYYY-1, YYYY-2, and YYYY-3) remains numerically represented.
The Term Code is a four-digit code comprised of the following details: Millenium (Century), Year, and the Term number (1=Spring, 4=Summer, and 7=Fall).  The Term Code '1207' is notes 21st Century, year 2020, and Term number 7 and denotes
the Academic Term "Fall 2020".  Term Code 1207 denotes 'Fall 2020'.