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Last updated:  March 12, 2020.


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SFU Board of Governors and SFU Senate approved the update of our unit name's: First Nations Languages Program. Also approved is the new undergraduate program - Diploma in First Nations Language Proficiency. (July 2018)

Upcoming Name Change 
The Linguistics of a First Nations Language Graduate Certificate Program name will be changing to Indigenous Languages and Linguistics Graduate Certificate. Approval is underway with an Effective Term of Spring 2022.



FNLP (FNEP) has a new office beginning December 10, 2018. We will be in Robert C. Brown Hall RCB 8118.

FNLP/FNEP moved from Saywell Hall to Robert C. Brown Hall (RCB) and resided in SFU IAUPP space between January 2018 to November 2018.

To contact our office or the academic advisor, please email:



Dr. James Crippen/Dzéiwsh

started a Tenure-track appointment in January 2021 at McGill University as as Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics.

Dr. James Crippen (Dzéiwsh) was the first postdoctoral fellow in the Indigenous Languages Program in 2020 enabled through Aboriginal Strategic Initiatives.

James completed his PhD in Linguistics from the University of British Columbia, with his dissertation focused on the Tlingit verb complex.  

James works primarily on Tlingit and languages in the Na-Dene family but also holds research interest in other Indigenous languages in the Pacific Northwest such as Haida and Chinook Jargon.

New postdoctoral fellow, James Crippen (Dzéiwsh), aims to break down myths around Indigenous languages

Latest News:

Indigenous Languages
SFU Fellow in the
Royal Society of Canada

November 27, 2020

The Royal Society of Canada celebrated new Fellows in an induction ceremony today for their "outstanding scholary, scientific and artistic achievement."*  Seven SFU Researchers are elected into this year's group of 87 Fellows.

Dr. Marianne Ignace joins the Class of 2020 in the Academy and reflects on her work and the occasion:

Weytkp xwexwéytep/hello everyone

Ye7éne ri7 ren s7e7lkst es p̓7ecws es le7s es sucwentem re xqweqwelténs re qeqelmúcw ne7élye ne Canada ell es xepqenwén̓tem re stslexméms re stetet̓ex7ems-kucw ne tmicws

My work is about us giving better recognition to the many different languages of Indigenous peoples here in Canada, and to research the knowledge of our elders here on our land.

I am humbled and honoured to be working on understanding and reclaiming the ancient knowledge of our indigenous elders in our languages in and with our communities as it connects to our environments, lands and ways of being.

Kukwstétselp! Thank you.

* RSC Press Release


Elder Ruby Peter and Hul'q'umi'num' Language and Culture Society featured in CBC News 

CBC News published an article highlighting the work Elder Ruby Peter and the Hul'q'umi'num' Language and Culture Society has done to preserve the Hul'q'umi'num' language. This past spring, four generations of Elder Peter's family received university honours from SFU. 

SSHRC Impact Partnership Award

Professor Marianne Ignace was awarded the 2019 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Impact - Partnership Award at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. She is being recognized for her achievements in Indigenous language revitalization, and the impact she has made beyond the social sciences research community. 

Cormack Teaching Award

Congratulations to Dr. Marianne Ignace who has been awarded the 2019 Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Cormack Teaching Award.

Coyote Art Work (2009) by David August (Dave) Seymour, Kamloops, BC.