Daniel Mundeva

Daniel Mundeva graduated from the MAIS program in 2016. He is currently an Associate Program Manager at the Mastercard Foundation where he supports initiatives and programs that aim to address youth unemployment in sub-Saharan Africa (Daniel’s motherland). With this role, Daniel travels extensively to different African countries to support organizations that work with the Foundation to improve education and skills training for young, African leaders.   

Daniel credits a few opportunities he accessed during his MAIS studies to helping him get to where he is today. For instance, while he was writing his thesis, he undertook an internship with Vancouver’s Local Economic Development Lab (LEDlab). During this work, Daniel supported grassroots initiatives that promote income-generating activities for marginalized communities in the Downtown Eastside. Within this role, he learned a lot about project management and gained stakeholder engagement knowledge, which are crucial skills that he uses in his current work.

Daniel found the MAIS program to be a great program and stepping stone for individuals who are interested in international work. He also enjoyed the flexibility that the program provided to students. In his case, the program allowed him to develop research skills he needed to explore issues affecting the natural resource sector in his home country of Tanzania. Daniel also has a BA in Environment and Sustainability from the University of British Columbia.