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MSE Tool Kit and Components

During the course of the undergraduate program,  students will use a tool kit and components for courses such as,  electrical, electronics, digital logic, etc. Each student must have their own tool kit or they cannot work in the lab. 

The kit consists of the following tools (click to see sample photos):   

  1. Needle nose plier
  2. Wire cutter
  3. Wire stripper
  4. Pen screwdriver (Philips and slotted)
  5. Tweezer
  6. Pouch

Students have a choice to buy these items from MSE for a discounted price of 25.00/kit  or from another source of their choice.  To avail of a tool kit from MSE follow the steps below.

1.  Send payment using this link and keep a copy of your receipt.

2.  Upload your receipt to Coursys and present a copy to the lab staff.

In addition to the kit, the electrical lab at SRYE 1036 will be supplied with a stock of components used in the experiments.