Technical Studies Electives

The School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering has changed the policy with regards to engineering electives. They are divided into two groups: A and B

Group A:

MSE 412, MSE 413, MSE 420, MSE 421, MSE 422, MSE 423, MSE 424, MSE 425, MSE 426, MSE 427, MSE 428, MSE 429, MSE 450, MSE 451, MSE 480, MSE 481, MSE 483, MSE 490, MSE 491


1.     If any of these courses are taught by sessional lectures who do not have P. Eng., the course is moved to group B.

2.     MSE 490, 491 and MSE 492 are counted in group A, if they are taught by MSE P. Eng. Faculty members.

3.     MSE 490: ST: Technology Entrepreneurship is counted as a group B course.

Group B:

400-level engineering elective courses that are taught by faculty members who have yet to obtain their professional status; engineering elective courses taught by non-P. Eng. Faculty members; 400 level courses taken at other schools (after appeal to MSE); and Directed Studies (MSE or outside)

MSE students must take at least four engineering electives from group A. They can take the other two courses from group B.

Please visit goSFU for the electives offered in the semester.



Note:  The MSE engineering electives will be offered in accordance with the two year plan and the posted course offering maybe subject to change.  Please check goSFU to confirm offering and class schedule.

For MSE 490, MSE 491 and MSE 492 Special Topic,  please refer to the course description including prerequisites.

* Courses scheduled for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 are subject to potential changes due to the introduction of a new curriculum starting in Fall 2024.

Summer 2024

  • MSE 429 - Advanced Kinematics for Robotic System
  • MSE 450 - Real Time Control Systems (Group B, may become Group A)
  • MSE 454 - Hybrid Microgrid II
  • MSE 481 - Industrial Control Systems
  • MSE 490 - ST: Ocean Technology and Marine Environment



Fall 2024

  • MSE 422 - Fuel Cell System
  • MSE 460 - Precision AgriTech Engineering (Note: Pre-req of MSE 360 is not required.)
  • MSE 490 - Technology Entrepreneurship (Group B)

Spring 2025 (TBA)

Summer 2025 (TBA)