Second Degree

Students wishing to join us after completing their first degree, must first gain admission to SFU. Lower level writing, quantitative and breadth requirements will be evaluated and waived where possible during the SFU admission process.

Once admitted, you will be ready to apply directly to the School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering. Please contact an Academic Advisor at for assistance with this process – you will need to give your full name and SFU student number.

Applying to Mechatronics

Complete the second degree application here.  We will require you to upload a copy of your unofficial college/university transcript(s), a Statement of Purpose (250 words) describing your motivation for pursuing a second degree, and any course outlines identified as necessary by the Academic Advisor.


  • Meet the high school requirements of Math and Physics. If not, admission will be granted subject to completion of Math 100 and Phys 100.
  • The first degree must not be in Mechanical, Electrical, nor Mechatronics Engineering
  • CGPA of at least 2.4 (in a scale of 4)
  • Meeting Residency requirements as defined by SFU and FAS (50% of their program at SFU)


Students seeking course waivers from their first degree must supply detailed course outlines. First, have them assessed by the respective department (e.g., an outline for a waiver sought for a Chemistry course, must first be presented to the Chemistry department) before delivering them to MSE.

Waivers indicate which courses you are not required to complete in order to fulfill our BASc degree requirements. You may receive waivers for up to half of the required credit hours based on your previous studies (please note that no waivers can be granted for upper division courses).

Please contact an Academic Advisor at for further information on applying for course waivers. Be ready to give you full name and student number. During the waiver application process you will be asked to specify courses you believe are equivalent to each of the SFU courses for which you are requesting waivers.

Plan your semester(s)

Once you have received a list of waivers, compare it to the MSE curriculum to determine which courses you must still complete. Then review the schedule of classes for the upcoming semester. Not all courses are offered every semester. (Courses offered for the next two semesters are shown at the end of the “undergraduate schedule of classes”.) Finally, make a plan of study for the next semester and beyond.