Bio Mechatronics

The Bio Mechatronics group applies mechatronics to biological systems and microsystems to find innovative ways of solving emerging engineering problems and to develop advanced products.

Universities and research centres worldwide have taken notice of bio mechatronics in light of their potential for development of advanced medical devices, biomedical systems and microsystems.

Bio mechatronics applies biology, mechanics and electronics to engineering that is related to biomedical and rehabilitative devices. Heart pacemakers and cochlear implants are examples of simple bio mechatronic devices while more advanced examples are orthotics and prosthetics, autonomous robotic systems and implant devices.

Research Topics

  • Biomechanics and biomaterial
  • Cell viability monitoring using electrical measurements
  • Computational modeling
  • Patient specific technologies
  • Patient specific technologies and devices
  • Surgical planning
  • Spinal cord injury mechanics
  • Tissue biomechanics