Intelligent Systems & Control

In the natural world, animals and plants have the ability to adapt to their environment in real-time. They can analyze and process data and respond to where they are. The materials and structures involved in natural systems contrast sharply with current man-made materials. 

In Intelligent Systems & Control, our research involves adding intelligence to engineering systems by integrating information technology with structural engineering and actuation/locomotion. This enables machines to maximize performance abilities and respond to changes in their environment.

The Intelligent Systems research group looks into various research areas. These concepts represent an intellectual challenge, and successful research in this area requires a well-coordinated effort. Our approach is a mechatronics method for development of truly “smart” systems for sensing, actuation and control for applications such as transportation and biomedical fields.

Research Topics

  • Assistance driving systems via situation awareness
  • Control and automation for sustainable energy systems
  • Design of an overriding controller to assist human drivers
  • Design of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for humanoid robots
  • Embedded computer control
  • Nonlinear control systems
  • Vibration control