Statement on scholar strike

September 08, 2020

A central role of universities and their members is to address pressing societal issues. As critical thinkers who seek to improve our society, members of our community will not only participate in these conversations, but lead and advance them.

The Canadian Scholar Strike will take place on September 9 and 10 to draw attention to anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism and social and systemic injustice. For these two days, some scholars will choose to pause teaching and administrative duties, and use this time to organize public digital teach-ins on police brutality and violence in our communities from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Other scholars may choose to incorporate these issues in their classrooms through teaching and discussion.

SFU condemns anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism, and racism and institutional brutality in all forms. We respect the right of faculty, staff and students to engage in political activity, and to extend their time, skills and expertise to comment on critical issues of social justice.

I extend my gratitude to those who are giving their time and expertise to hold these critical conversations, and acknowledge that more needs to be done to advance this work inside our own institution. As I begin my term as President of SFU, I reaffirm my commitment to continuing to address all forms of exclusion at SFU.