November 05, 2018

Launch: TumblerShare

Winnie Chang, SFU Student and former Program Intern

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After I graduated from my hometown high school, I moved from Taiwan to Vancouver to attend SFU. As I learned to live on my own, I also realized I generated a lot of unnecessary waste from takeout meals to cleaning products. I knew the waste I created will eventually harm the earth, but it was hard for me to change my lifestyle without compromising on convenience. I knew I had to make some deliberate changes in my life to reduce my ecological footprint.

I wanted to live more sustainable and help others do so as well, so I started to think of ways that could reduce our ecological footprints. One day while I was walking on campus, I saw many students holding a coffee cup in their hand. I realized coffee cups are one of the most visible waste on campus because students need coffee to endure long study sessions.

A couple of weeks later, I decided to join the Sustainability Peer Educator program where students build a sustainable project for SFU. My partner, Olivia Hui and I decided to tackle the coffee cup waste issue on campus. We found that coffee shops on campus do not provide an alternative for people who want to live more sustainably, and we wanted to change that; after all, one-time use coffee cups are not eco-friendly. We then surveyed 100 SFU students and found that 46.6% of respondents said “a tumbler was too heavy to bring around,” and 43.1% other respondents said “I forgot to bring a tumbler.”

After in-depth research on similar initiatives in North America, we discussed several project ideas with our program coordinator and came up with a project called TumblerShare. TumblerShare allows SFU students and staff to get their drinks in reusable tumblers instead of disposable coffee cups at SFU Burnaby locations of Renaissance Cafe.

Here is how TumblerShare works:

  1. Become a TumblerShare member by paying a fully-refundable $10 deposit membership card.

  2. Exchange your membership card at Renaissance to receive your beverage in a reusable tumbler.

  3. Enjoy your beverage!

  4. Bring your tumbler back in exchange for your $10 membership card.

  5. Renaissance will wash, sanitize, and store the tumbler before its next use.

  6. Come back again for another beverage!

We know that everyone loves the smell of their coffee in the morning, and by becoming a member, you will receive a discount on your coffee and reduce your ecological footprint by living more sustainably. Plus, you will be a part of a vibrant university community that supports sustainability (and one that was recently recognized as the greenest university campus in the world.)

We will post regularly on our social media about environmental issues to raise awareness. We will also hold Instagram competitions to let you win Renaissance coupons. Come join the TumblerShare community!

The TumblerShare program is now live! Learn more by visiting or by contacting


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