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  1. No-cost extension
  2. Automatic extension
  3. Not-automatic extension
  4. No-Cost extension of Tri-Agency programs

No-cost extension

no-cost extension extends the project period beyond the original project end date outlined in the Notice of Award. As the phrase “no cost” suggests, there is no additional funding.

A no-cost extension may be requested by a Principal Investigator (PI) when all three of the following conditions are met.

  • The end of the project period is approaching.
  • There is a programmatic need to continue the research.
  • There are sufficient funds remaining to cover the extended period.

There are two types of no-cost extension: automatic and not automatic. Automatic extension does not require Research Services involvement. If an extension is not automatic, Research Services will be involved.

Please check your funding agency’s guidelines for information about extension period for use of funds beyond the grant period.


Automatic extension

For some programs, an extension is automatically given to allow a PI to use funds remaining in their account for one year following the funding expiry date of their grant. The PI does not need to apply for it.


Not automatic extension

For programs where an extension is not automatically given,  the PI needs to submit a writing request to the sponsor. If the request is approved, the sponsor will inform the PI, Research Services and Research Accounting. If an extension is not approved, please refer to the Award Closure page.


No-cost extension of Tri-Agency programs

Some NSERC (e.g., DG, DDG, RTI, and SDG) and SSHRC (e.g., CG, PDG, PG, IDG, and PEG) programs and ALL CIHR programs are given an automatic extension. A PI does not need to apply for it. The extended period allows the PI to bring research activities to a close. The PI may make and pay new commitments during the extension period but not beyond.

If extension is not automatically given, the PI needs to complete the Extension Period for Use of Funds Beyond a Grant Period section of the Grant Amendment Form and submit it to the Agency. Please note that the PI needs to submit the written request to the Agency's program staff before the funding expiry date of their NSERC or SSHRC grants, or 30 days before the end of the automatic extension period of their CIHR grants. Please check the Extension Period for Use of Funds Beyond a Grant Period section on Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide for details.

For SSHRC and NSERC programs, if the extension is not approved by SSHRC/NSERC but your funds are eligible, you can request continued access unspent funds through the SFU’s General Research Fund (GRF). Please refer to the Residual Balance in Eligible SSHRC and NSERC Accounts page for details.

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Last updated: March 26, 2024