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  1. Required Documents for Account Set Up
  2. Process of Account Set Up
  3. Common for Delays of Account Set Up

Required Documents for Account Set Up

In general, Research Services needs the following documents for account set up:

  • A Kuali IP record generated from the Kuali Proposal Development electronic approval workflow. This process has replaced the SFU signature sheet. 
  • Copy of research application - Note: you do not need to resend if you provided one at the application stage.
  • Notice of Award Letter - Please send this letter to Research Services ( if it was directly sent to you.
  • Certificates - if your research involves human participants, animals, and bio-hazards
  • Conflict of interest declaration and management plan - if applicable

Other documents may be required based on the nature of your research grant.


Process of Account Set Up

After a Notice of Award is received, a research agreement is signed, and necessary all certificates are received, the next step is to set up a project account for the Principal Investigator (PI).

  • Research Services sends action item of approved award to Research Accounting and notifies the PI.
  • Research Accounting creates a new fund profile and confirms fund number with the PI. After this, Research Accounting sets up budget (year-by-year) and receivables according to the approved granting period, and emails Project Account Memo, Research Project Notification Sheet, and Signing Authority Form to the PI, department manager, and Finance.
  • The PI reviews the Project Account Memo as it contains important instructions/information (i.e., use of funds, account code, access FAST, etc.). The Signing Authority Form should also be signed by the PI and returned to Research Accounting.
  • After the account is set up, Finance will be responsible for handling file going forward.


Common Causes for Delays in Account Set Up

  • Research Services is not aware that the grant has been awarded. Notice of Award was not received by Research Services.
  • When sponsors do not specify what the Fund Request or cheque was intended for, it may take time to reach Research Services at SFU.
  • Funds are not received from sponsors on time.
  • Research Services does not a record of internal approvals (signature sheet), final copy of the application, or supporting documentation.
  • Negotiation of grant agreement: negotiation/clarification of terms unacceptable for SFU, terms and conditions that seem unreasonable or risky, or conflicting SFU/sponsor policies
  • Due diligence identifies potential financial risks with the sponsor or the terms of the contract.
  • Delays in departmental signoff of Contract Approval Memo or Nonpayment Guarantee. Please check the Contracts and Agreements for details.
  • Research compliance certificates missing
  • Other conditions required by sponsor, such as receipt of matching contribution
Last updated: March 26, 2024