Diving safety

SFU personnel and students who participate in SCUBA diving or snorkeling activities as part of their research, occupation or instruction must be registered in the SFU Scientific Diving Program. Before undertaking diving activities under university auspices, they must have received authorization to dive/snorkel from the University Diving Safety Officer.

Compliance and oversight

SFU Scientific Diving Program

Authorization to dive in open or confined water under university auspices involves the completion of a training program consistent with the Standard of Practice of the Canadian Association for Underwater Science (CAUS) and approval of the University Diving Safety Officer. SFU is an institutional member of the CAUS and its diving safety organization and training program are in compliance with the CAUS standards. Faculty should investigate the cost of such training and evaluation requirements before submitting applications for research funding for projects that will involve diving.

The benefits of taking part in the SFU Scientific Diving Program include:

  • Approval to undertake underwater research activities at SFU
  • Free diver training, including Advanced Diver, Rescue Diving, Oxygen Administration and more (small certification fee may be required)
  • Membership in the Canadian Association for Underwater Science (CAUS), a national body of underwater research institutions and individuals
  • Quarterly issues of the CAUS newsletter, the Underwater Science Report
  • The opportunity to attend national CAUS scientific diving conferences and events
  • Recognition of qualification by the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS)


It is the responsibility of faculty and Project Supervisors to ensure that their divers and diving operations have been approved through the Diving Safety Program.

All divers/snorkelers or potential divers/snorkelers and their instructors/supervisors should contact the University Diving Safety Officer for further information.

Contact the DSO

Please contact Dr. Isabelle Côté.

Dr. Isabelle Côté

Department of Biological Sciences, Room B8272

E-mail: imcote@sfu.ca

Phone: 778-782-3705