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Course approvals

Information on Course Ethics Approvals, including new application process and continuing review, information on ancillary review (pending), and resources for instructors (pending)

COVID-19 Information

SFU Research Ethics Board (REB) Guidance during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Do I require ethics approval?

Scope of research ethics review and discussion of activities that do not require review or are exempt from review, and resources for how to create an exemption application

Ethics training and resources

Introduction to Research Ethics at SFU, Zoom support, CORE tutorial, "Does my study require ethics approval?", resources for graduate students, workshops, additional resources

New Ethics Application System

** NEW** Research Ethics has launched the new Ethics Application System.

Access the New system, training resources, including videos, Zoom sessions help guides and FAQs

Ethics policies and guidelines

Institutional policies; internal REB policies; provincial, national and international policies


SFU ethics documents including consent form template, study details and COI disclosure form

Initial and continuing review

Initial application, funding information, amendments, annual renewal, study closure

Harmonized review (BC only)

Research Ethics BC (RE BC) and Provincial Research Ethics Platform (PREP) approvals

Research Ethics Board (REB)

Submission deadlines, full board review deadlines, REB meeting information and schedule

Recent updates/newsroom

Latest policy and guidance updates, including developments in the field, resources developed by colleagues and upcoming conferences 

National and international multi-jurisdictional research

Coordinating multi-jurisdictional research ethics applications between TCPS2 compliant institutions, applications with international sites and partners