College and University Retiree Associations of Canada

College and University Retiree Associations of Canada /Associations de retraités des universités et collèges du Canada (CURAC/ARUCC) is a not-for-profit federation of retiree organizations at colleges and universities across Canada. The association’s objectives are to:

  • coordinate activities that promote communication among member associations,
  • share information,
  • provide mutual assistance, and
  • speak publicly on issues of concern to the over fifteen thousand individual college and university retirees across Canada.

The Simon Fraser University Retirees Association is an active member of CURAC, having co-hosted their annual meeting at the University of Victoria in 2012. Jim Boyd, past-president of SFURA, serves as treasurer on the current executive board of CURAC.  In 2016, SFURA’s long–serving board member Marg Jones was given CURAC’s Tribute Award at the annual meeting at the University of Saskatchewan.  In 2017, Maurice Gibbons, activist and editor of SFURA’s “Simon Says” newsletter, was given the same award at the CURAC annual meeting at Carleton University.  Click here to read Maurice's acceptance speech. Click here to read Tom O'Shea's SFURA delegate report. Click here to access a listing of all CURAC 2017 Conference speakers and their PDF presentations, and read here for a detailed report on the conference. 

CURAC’s services to members includes travel benefits through Collette travel agency, auto and home insurance, and informational bulletins and position papers related to issues of concern to retirees such as pensions, benefits, and health.  CURAC publishes a regular newsletter and also serves as a clearinghouse for member associations’ newsletters. The SFURA was the feature member organization described in the CURAC Newsletter of Spring 2014.

  • Further information on CURAC can be seen on their website at 
  • Click here for an important letter from CURAC/ARUCC President Ken Craig, outlining the benefits of membership in CURAC/ARUCC.