In 1997, when a small group of people met to discuss forming an association for SFU retirees, they weren't the first to do this. SFU President Saywell had launched a discussion in 1990, but not enough people had retired to make it happen. In 1997 the people who came together decided the time had come. SFU was almost 32 years old and had 42 eligible retirees. In less than a year, these founding members recruited a steering committee, wrote a constitution, and established the Simon Fraser University Retirees Association.

The moment was appropriate, so in true SFU fashion a committee was formed. This steering committee came together on Sept. 15th, 1997 with Doreen Badgero, Tom Bell, Marilyn Cairns, Roy Carlson, Harry Evans, Tom Mallinson, George Suart and John Walkley, chairman. 

The steering committee was lucky to have the multi-university experience of Harry Evans, the real-world experience of George Suart, and the legal eye of Marvin Stark, who was always ready to read what we had written. And so with the hard work of all members of the committee, we crafted a constitution that recognized the requirements of the province, our position within the university, and the best interests of future retirees.