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Marilyn Bowman - Corpus Christi College Oxford Book Launch 2016 

On November 7 Corpus Christi College Oxford hosted a book launch for me and my hot-off-the-press book about James Legge. It was a wonderful event, complete with a beautiful carpeted room, velvet curtains, crystal chandeliers, and champagne. It had been triggered by the former CCC President, Sir Tim Lankester, who took a shine to me when I first went to study the CCC and the Bodleian Library archives about Legge. We have been in touch regularly since that first visit in 2003.

Marilyn Bowman has published a book on James Legge (1815-1897), a brilliant Scot who was the first to translate all the Chinese Classics into any European language. The book is available in hardcover, softcover, or as an eBook, all from Amazon; the easiest and least expensive way to get the book is to go online to the Friesen Press bookstore