Software Licenses

The SFU Retirees Association works collaboratively with the University to give retirees access to software products under SFU license, in order to continue doing their research and collaborative work. Here are the software products that SFU retirees can access.

Microsoft Office Suite

SFU retirees can use the "educational  A1" cloud-based Microsoft Office suite for free. The apps included are:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive,  & Teams.

NOTE: Desktop versions are not available — just the cloud-based version in a web browser.

Advantage: you can access, store, and work on your files from anywhere using a web browser. 

Limitations: power users may not find the web-based functionality sufficient. If more advanced features are needed, the solution is to purchase a MS Office subscription that allows for desktop installation and use.

Retirees must use their lifetime SFU computing accounts to gain access to the free SFU-licensed version. External accounts  (gmail, telus, shaw, etc.) will not work with the free SFU-licensed version.

The information from the university that you need to get started is here:

It is important to do the indicated steps in sequence and pay attention to wait times between the steps:

  • sign up
  • wait for a setup to complete
  • go back to the above page and log in.

If you need help using the service, contact the help points indicated in the above web link.