About the Association

Welcome to the website of the Simon Fraser University Retirees Association. Here you'll find lots of information of interest to SFU retirees, a calendar of interesting events and an archive of past events. You'll find links to all this material in the Site Navigation menu to your left.

This information is available to everyone. If you choose to create an account on the site, you'll also be able to create your own personal blog, or online diary. You can also sign up online for upcoming events and get emailed reminders of them.

IN SUPPORT of the enhancement of interest in the University and each other, the purposes of the Association are:

  • to provide a link between retired employees, the University and each other;
  • to provide the opportunity for the social interaction of its members;
  • to act as a forum for discussion about the University and education generally, and to promote and further higher education;
  • to support the University in the larger community;
  • to encourage members to donate their time and resources to appropriate University activities;
  • to encourage the University and its various employee groups to take into account requirements of its retirees;
  • to facilitate interaction with other retiree/seniors organizations;
  • not to own, operate or manage a social club.

The SFU Retirees Association is incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia
June 17, 1998
Number: S–38485

Early History

Simon Fraser University Retirees Assocation 1998-2008. Available at: http://summit.sfu.ca/item/14254