FREE Lecture: James Legge and the Chinese Classics

September 28, 2017

JAMES LEGGE and the CHINESE CLASSICS: the missionary, the Shanghai hippie, and the opium taipan in the turmoil of colonial Hong Kong.

Author Marilyn Bowman will be offering a free Lecture to be held Thursday September 28 2017,.14;00 at the 1415 Cominco Policy Room, Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia.

If you would like to attend please  please register online

About the Author: Marilyn Bowman’s ancestors in the new world date back nine generations to the 1709 arrival of Swiss Anabaptist heretic refugees in Pennsylvania, then to Canada. Born in the Peace River country at McLennan, Alberta in 1940, Prof. Bowman was educated at the University of Alberta and at McGill, where she earned a PhD for studies of the cognitive effects of chronic marijuana use. While teaching at Queens University she was recruited to Simon Fraser University to create a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology, arriving in 1976. She retired as Professor Emerita in 2005. Bowman spent more than a decade writing the Legge biography after becoming interested in the life of this prize-winning Latin scholar and his life in Hong Kong in its earliest, tumultuous, colonial period.