Euroland: How the Core Cremated the Periphery

November 19, 2012

James Dean will present this talk on the Eurozone crisis at 12 noon in the Halpern Centre, Room 114.  This is the second of the Fall 2012 SFURA seminar series.  All members of the SFU community are welcome to attend these events. The talks are free and no registration is required.


Greece, with an economy the size of Greater Miami, has been allowed to bring much of the Eurozone to the brink of bankruptcy. Greek perfidy not-with-standing, the blame for this needless tragedy lies with Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt. Modest debt relief for Greece two years ago, tied to new loans strictly conditioned on reforms, could have averted the capital market contagion that now threatens Spain, Italy and even France, and could also have averted the crude and misguided austerity measures that have devastated the Greek, Portuguese and Spanish economies.



James W. Dean is Emeritus Professor of Economics at SFU. He holds a BSc degree in mathematics and physics from Carleton University, and MA and PhD degrees from Harvard University. He has published 6 books and monographs and about 150 scholarly articles, mostly on international macroeconomics and finance and on financial crises. He is now writing about global currency systems, income distribution and happiness, and paradoxes surrounding globalization. He lectures and advises extensively across the globe, and has held 26 visiting position at universities and research institutes world-wide. In real life he plays jazz tenor saxophone with the James Dean Trio in Vancouver.