The SFU Group LIF and RRIF funds

October 02, 2012

The SFU Group LIF & RRIF Funds. 

Our first seminar of the Financial Interest Group for this year is scheduled for Noon Tuesday, October 2 at the Halpern Centre on the Burnaby campus.  The meeting will involve Debbie Wilson from SFU Human Resources, and a representative from Sun Life reviewing the investment options available to us. In May, 2012 a selection of new funds were added to the SFU Group LIF & RRIF.  In July, 2012 several funds were discontinued.  The presenters will review these changes in funds available to us.  They will then review each of the funds now available.  They will also group the funds to indicate how we might wish to reorganize them in our portfolio.  They will then review the process of how we can switch from one set of funds to another.
We welcome all members of the SFU community; the talk is free and requires no registration.