Travel insurance meeting

November 21, 2012

Travel Insurance: Your Voices

Halpern Centre, Room 114 10:30 AM 

A number of retirees have indicated interest in learning more about travel  insurance  to help them select an appropriate policy for trips they are planning.  The SFURA Executive is holding a meeting  chaired by Board member, Percilla Groves, for members to voice their experiences and concerns related to travel insurance, and to hear what some have learned in their dealings with various companies. Different  organizations offer various group discounts; for example, Pacific Blue Cross offers a discount to members who have extended health benefits coverage with them.  Medoc-Johnson offers a group plan to SFU retirees with no age restrictions.  However, there are certainly other vendors, such as BCAA and Cooperators, and every family has its own medical history and needs.

The purpose of this initial session is to explore what issues you find are important; we are not providing recommendations on organizations selling insurance because everyone has different backgrounds and needs. Depending on the outcome of this meeting, there could be a  further meeting to attempt to answer some of the key issues and questions raised.  There are issues such as pre-existing medical conditions, what is meant by "first payer" and how rates vary as a function of age.  A further development could be to put more information on the SFURA web site about benefits.

For general information, SFU Human Resources has summaries of benefits for retirees at:

And the United Way Book sale will also be on Nov. 21st so you can drop in after the meeting if you wish.