Your SFU Pension Plan: Update

April 10, 2012

Presenters: Debbie Wilson, Director of Pensions & Benefits at SFU, and
Robert Grauer, Chair of the Academic Pension Plan Trustees

Halpern Centre

Debbie and Rob will provide an overview of the retirement arrangements at SFU. The Faculty Plan is defined contribution, where members bear the investment risk, and the Administrative/Union Plan is defined benefit, where the university bears the investment risk. They will describe the role the trustees play in managing the pension plan assets. They will also report on the performance of the funds in the Sun Life Group that many of us hold in our retirement portfolio. In addition, Debbie will discuss some of the financial issues facing the Administrative/Union Plan – this information was provided to the employee groups in 2011 through a series of information meetings. This session will offer a unique opportunity to hear from and raise questions to SFU’s pension experts. While the session is geared towards retirees, some of the discussion will be of interest to plan members of any age. Pass any prior questions you may have for Debbie and Robert on to one of us below.

We welcome all members of the SFU community; the talk is free and requires no registration.

Marv Wideen – (604) 461 0376
Tom O’Shea – (604) 551 5542
Phillip Mah – (604) 438 1941