Five Commonly Overlooked Fixed Income Opportunities.

February 12, 2013

Time & Place: Tuesday, Feb. 12, Noon in Room 114, at the Halpern Centre, Burnaby Campus.  This seminar is one of a continuing series presented by the Financial Interest Group of the SFURA.  

Presenter:  Brent Creed from Creed Wealth Management, National Bank Financial.  This presentation will walk us through some of the common pitfalls of investing in common fixed income products.  Brent Creed will then describes five commonly overlooked fixed income products that have low risk, low fees, and higher returns.  None of these funds are proprietary to National Bank Financial.   

We welcome all members of the SFU community; the talk is free and requires no registration.


* Overlooked Income Opportunities.pdf
You may download and view the five commonly overlooked fixed income opportunities presentation slides.