Undergraduate Student Awards

Canadian Engineering Competition (March 2024)

A team of SEE undergraduate students competed against seven of the top consulting teams from across the country. They were asked to find innovative solutions to strengthen Calgary’s drought risk mitigation and response strategies. Within seven and a half hours, they analyzed Calgary’s existing drought plans, identified key areas for improvement, and researched and proposed various solutions. One key solution was using a nanotextile technology developed by a Canadian company, AWN Nanotech, that condenses, cleans, and collects drinking water by absorbing water vapor from the atmosphere. The team placed second in all of Canada for their comprehensive presentation, excellent communication, and creative ideas.

SFU Engineering Competition (Nov 2023)

For this competition, a group of SEE undergraduate students tackled the engineering challenges associated with earthquakes. In six hours, they identified the best cost scenario to implement a gondola for transportation to the SFU Burnaby campus, along a 10-year timeline and were awarded first place.

Canadian Engineering Competition (Mar 2023)

SEE student Erin Flood took home a first-place prize at this year’s Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) paired with Aru Bhola from Engineering Science. The duo outperformed 200 engineering students across Canada, and were one of the few all-female teams.

Western Engineering Competition (Jan 2024)

A team of SEE undergraduate students were tasked with designing a water treatment, distribution, and storage system for the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation, a Northern First Nations Community in Manitoba living under a long-term drinking water advisory. Within eight hours, they designed a reliable, safe, and cost-effective solution with a focus on Indigenous sovereignty, that resulted in them being awarded second place.

Andy Kesteloo Memorial Project Award (Aug 2023)

A team of sustainable energy engineering (SEE) students have received the 2023 Andy Kesteloo Memorial Project Award from Canada Green Building Council. The recognition is awarded to a student project that demonstrates leadership, innovation and a creative vision for the future of sustainable design in the field of green building and communities.

For their capstone project, students Simran Pandhder, Danielle Arciaga, Manin Khunger, Gurvaani Dhani and Clara Park aimed to develop an innovative retrofit solution to help SFU reduce their operational GHG emissions. Particularly focusing on the decarbonization of the Discovery 1 Building at SFU’s Burnaby campus.