Zafar Adeel, P.Eng.

Acting Director, School of Sustainable Energy Engineering

Professor of Professional Practice, School of Sustainable Energy Engineering


BSc, Civil Engineering, Univ. of Engg. & Tech, Lahore, Pakistan

MSc, Environmental Engineering, Iowa State Univ., USA

PhD, Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA

Recently Taught Courses

  • REM 454 - D100 Water Security
  • SEE 351 - Bioprocess Engineering Systems
  • SEE 410W - Sustainable Energy Design Project I


Google Scholar Profile
SRYE 5132


Edited Journal Issues

  • Current Opinions in Sustainable Science, Vol. 3 No. 6. 2011, Guest Editor
  • Global Environmental Change: Human and Policy Dimensions, Vol. 14 Supp. 1 2004, Special Issue: Focus on the International Year of Freshwater, Guest Editor

Research Papers:

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Book Chapters

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Policy Reports