Dorothy Chunn

Professor Emeritus, Sociology
Sociology & Anthropology


In Memoriam (1942 - 2022)

Dorothy E. Chunn, Professor Emeritus (Sociology), received her BA in English and History from the University of British Columbia and her MA and PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto. Her research and publications are concentrated primarily in the area of feminist socio-legal studies. Recent research projects have focused on feminism, law, and social change in Canada since the 1960s; poor women’s experiences of health and housing; and the reform of Canadian child custody law.


PhD (Sociology), University of Toronto
MA (Sociology), University of Toronto
BA (English and History), University of British Columbia

Areas of Interest

Feminism, law and social change; politics of family; historical sociology of crime, madness and social welfare; media representations of women/feminism; "policing" violence against women.

Select Publications


Book Chapters

  • 2006  “So what does this all have to do with criminology? Surviving the Restructuring of the Discipline in the Twenty-First Century” Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 48(5): 663-680. Special Issue on Critical Socio-Legal Studies in Canada (co-author Robert Menzies).
  • 2006  “Charlotte’s Story Revisited: The Criminal and Psychiatric Control of Women.” In G. Balfour and E. Comack, eds., Criminalizing Women: Gender and (In)Justice in Neo-Liberal Times, c.6. Halifax: Fernwood, (co-author Robert Menzies).
  • 2004  “Welfare Law, Welfare Fraud, and the Moral Regulation of the ‘Never Deserving Poor’” Social & Legal Studies 13(2): 219-243 (co-author S.A.M. Gavigan).
  • 2004  “‘Politicizing the Personal’: Feminism, Law, and Public Policy.” In N. Mandell and A. Duffy, eds. Canadian Families: Diversity, Conflict and Change, pp.276-310. 3d ed. Toronto: Nelson.

Awards & Funding

  • SSHRC: Standard Research Grant 
    "Autonomous Motherhood?  A Socio-Legal Investigation" 
    Principal Investigator: Susan B. Boyd