Awards and Bursaries

Outstanding Graduating Student Awards

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology has moved to establish an annual program of awards to recognize the achievements of outstanding graduands in Sociology and Anthropology (including Honours students). The department will establish a fund within its budget to underwrite the following awards:

(1)   Outstanding Anthropology Graduand (including Anthropology joint and double majors)

(2)   Outstanding Sociology Graduand; (including Sociology joint and double majors) and,

(3)   Outstanding Sociology/Anthropology Graduand

Each award will be made to the student who has attained the highest CGPA amongst graduands for that academic year in, respectively, Anthropology, Sociology, or Sociology/Anthropology. To be eligible for consideration, graduands must achieve a final CGPA of at least 3.67.

Awards will be made each year at spring convocation, and graduands from the previous academic year (i.e., summer, fall and spring semesters) will be eligible to be considered for one of these awards.

In addition to being recognized the winner of her or his particular category (i.e., Outstanding Anthropology, Sociology, or Sociology/Anthropology Graduand), the student who achieves the highest CGPA amongst all three of the award winners will also be recognized as that year’s winner of the Usamah Ansari Top Student Award.

The funds made available for these three awards will be divided so that the winner of the Usamah Ansari Top Student Award (who will also have been the top student in one of the three categories of Outstanding Graduands) will receive 40% of the overall departmental award funds available for disbursement in that year. The winners of the other two awards will each receive 30% of the total award funds available for disbursement that year. In the event of there not being an eligible winner for any one of the three awards, the undisposed funds for that award will be carried over to the combined awards fund for the following year.

As a condition of accepting one of these awards, each award winner will provide a written reflection (of between 250-300 words) about what she or he has gained from studying anthropology and/or sociology and how they intend to make use of this in the future. Winners will also provide a personal photograph suitable for posting on the Department of Sociology and Anthropology website, to be posted along with the written reflection submitted.

Past Award Winners: 20222021 | 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016

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