Majors & Minors

Major in Sociology or Anthropology

Majors provide rigorous undergraduate training within either sociology or anthropology. Required courses introduce students to theoretical concepts, foster critical awareness of the history of their discipline, and model methodological reasoning. A sequence of required core theory and methods courses at the 200- and 300-level form the backbone of each major.

Joint Major

Students may elect to do a joint major in sociology and anthropology; this comprehensive, integrated interdisciplinary degree requires students to complete all the theory and methodology course requirements for both disciplines, as well as electives in both subjects.

We also offer joint majors with other departments. These program options are listed in the right hand menu. 

Minor in Sociology or Anthropology

Minors offer students a way to acquire skills in sociological or anthropological ways of thinking about social issues, mainly through elective courses. Elective courses introduce concepts and methodological approaches by way of themes or topics.

Extended Minors allow for more in-depth study than a regular minor, and have fewer requirements and required core courses than the major for each discipline.

SA Course Units

In order to complete a BA in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, students must complete at minimum one major or two minors. It is also possible to do combinations of majors and minors, joint majors and minors, and so on. Keep in mind that you CAN double count courses between more than one major or minor program at the lower division, but you CANNOT double count at the upper division.

Program Declaration

To be admitted into one of the Anthropology or Sociology programs, students must have taken, or be registered in the last of, the lower division required courses. Students must also have a minimum 2.0 GPA and upper division GPA in their SA courses in order declare, and to graduate.  

Indicating a Sociology or Anthropology program in your application to SFU does not automatically declare you in that program.

Please refer to the relevant program page above for details on required courses. Once you are enrolled in or have completed the last of the lower division requirements for a program, and if your GPA in SA courses is at 2.0 or above, please contact SA Advising at to declare your program.