Graduate Studies Guide: General Information

Graduate Seminar

All graduate students must attend and actively participate in the Graduate Seminar (SA 840) during their first program term.

Language Requirement

Although knowledge of a foreign language is desirable for advanced studies, there is no prescribed language requirement. However, where a language other than English is necessary for fieldwork or reading, proficiency will be required.

Full vs. Part-time status

Sociology and anthropology students are considered to be full-time students, and must pay full-time fees, regardless of the number of course units for which they are registered.

Continuous Enrollment

Simon Fraser University requires graduate students to be enrolled every term unless they have applied for and received authorization for a leave of absence.

Style Guides for Sociology and Anthropology Papers

Students must apply a recognized citation style to their written work, including term papers and theses. The following academic associations have made available style guides for students:


AAA style guide – Since 2015, the American Anthropological Association recommends that authors adhere to the guidelines in the Chicago Manual of Style.


The SFU Library recommends the American Sociological Association style guide found here.

For theses and dissertations, the SFU Library does not require a specific citation style. Unless the supervisory committee prefers a different citation style, students should use the citation format recommended above for their discipline.