Cognitive Health and Dementia

Technology can help you connect with your loved ones living with dementia. Technology can also support informal caregivers in different ways during the COVID-19 crisis.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, individuals living with dementia and their caregivers and families may be experiencing challenges including stress, anxiety, and confusion. This website provides tips for helping address these challenges.   

The First Link Dementia Helpline provides information and support for anyone affected by dementia. The helpline is now open till 8pm Monday - Friday and offers support in multiple languages. #toll-free 

What does research tell us about internet-based strategies for informal caregivers to support their mental well-being as well as support their learning and skill-building.

CanAge suggests 25 questions that caregivers might consider if they are thinking about removing their loved ones from long-term care homes during COVID-19.

Products on the Alzheimer’s Store Canada website may help people living with dementia engage with the outside world, have a sense of purpose, and/or feel calm.


This website lets caregivers know how they can reduce risk of infection with COVID-19 that their care recipients living with dementia may be exposed to.

This document provides information about how technology can support caregivers if they become ill or need to isolate themselves or if their loved one needs to be isolated. #international

A list of evidence-based resources on this site may support caregivers to provide their loved ones with essential care while also taking care of themselves.


COMPAs is an evidence-based app designed to support communication between people living with dementia, family, and caregivers. It enables family members and caregivers to share photos, videos, and songs that may recall meaningful moments in their life. #fee-involved #Apple compatible 

ArtonBrain is an online recreation activity designed to promote health and well-being of older adults including those with cognitive decline. This web-based program allows older adults to engage in a group, with a partner, or individually.
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