Staying Connected

We are all physically isolated during this COVID-19 time. Technology can help us connect and strengthen ties with community, family and friends.

This is a program that matches seniors who need non-medical support to volunteers in their community who are willing to help. Non-medical support includes phone and/or virtual friendly visit. #BC

SFU Gerontology professor Andrew Wister suggests how older adults can protect themselves from COVID-19 and how younger adults can support them.

This short article provides some tips for remaining connected when in self isolation.

In this article, experts provide suggestions for how we can make meaningful connections when communicating with family and friends online during the COVID-19 crisis.

This website provides a list of what we can do to keep older adults stay safe and connected. #international

Technology can reduce the risk of loneliness and social isolation among older adults. #international


The Better at Home program is designed to help older adults with simple day-to-day tasks, including friendly visiting (possibly by phone or communication technology). Find your community organization that provides services here. #BC

Do you have loved ones in assisted living or long-term care homes? This article gives you tips for how to connect with your loved ones by distance. 


This article informs older adults about how they can avoid feeling isolated and lonely while they stay home for their health and safety. 

This article discusses how artificial intelligence voice technologies could help address loneliness that older adults are facing.


This resource outlines some of the best social media, video platforms, and apps for seniors to stay virtually connected.


Nextdoor is an online “neighbourhood hub” that enables you to connect with your neighbours. It allows you to ask them for assistance, and you may also be able to support them. #international