Keeping Healthy

A wide variety of activities and information designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle during the COVID-19 outbreak are available. Technology and online resources can play a powerful role in bolstering physical and mental wellbeing. 

This law firm provides information and support if you have a loved one in a nursing home or a skilled living facility in which there has been a COVID-19 outbreak.

Exercise helps us keep up our mental, cognitive, and physical health while staying at home. Pilates and yoga are two examples of non-traditional exercises that you can do at home.

This site lists resources that describe the benefits of physical activities that you can do at home or outside while practicing physical distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This app includes step-by-step guidance on how to start a regular meditation practice. It is easy for older adults to follow the instructions and practice meditation without difficulties. #international #Apple compatible #Google Play compatible #free-of-charge

The FAQs on this website may help address mental health issues and concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.


The article informs of signs of distressed mental health that quarantine or prolonged social isolation may cause, and provides tips for sustaining robust mental health. #international

This website provides suggestions that help sustain your mental health and well-being while you are adhering to public health guidelines related to COVID-19.

This app may help you learn to relax, think effectively, and take charge of your anxiety. #free-of-charge #Apple compatible #Google Play compatible


This document, developed by the WHO Department of Mental Health and Substance Use, provides information that can support mental and psychosocial well-being in different target groups including older adults and caregivers during the outbreak.

Udemy offers 100,000 online video courses for people all around the world. This may be an opportunity for older adults to learn new skills and keep themselves occupied. #international #fee-involved

18 game industry leaders have launched the PlayApartTogether Campaign. This campaign encourages players to follow COVID-19 health guidelines and has developed special events such as free unlimited lives. #international #Apple and Google Play compatible #free-of-charge

ArtonBrain is an online recreation activity designed to promote health and well-being of older adults including those with cognitive decline. This web-based program allows older adults to engage in a group, with a partner, or individually.
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This website provides the 12 best work-out apps for women age 50 and above. #international #Apple compatible #Google Play compatible #free-of-charge

“FACE COVID” provides practical steps for dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.  Both a YouTube video and a free ebook are available. #free-of-charge

This app is designed to help you be physically active by assisting you in setting up an activity goal and motivating you to achieve the goal. #free-of-charge #Apple compatible #Google Play compatible

This site introduces ideas that may help you stay active and engaged during the COVID-19 stay-at-home period.


How can reading help solve social isolation and the feeling of loneliness that many people seem to be experiencing during this challenging time?

Breathe Happy connects you with a yoga trainer who provides you with a personalized program that you can take at your convenience through your device at home. #international #fee-involved


This website provides information about factors that can impact older adults’ mental health and well-being. This website provides tips on the kinds of  support that people can provide to older adults during COVID-19.

This site provides tips for reducing risk of bringing coronavirus home with you when going out for groceries, doctor’s appointment, etc.


How can you manage anxiety and worry that arise from a feeling of uncertainty about life because of the COVID-19 crisis? This website may help manage those.   

A psychology professor from the University of Toronto is offering an online course to manage mental health during COVID-19. #international #via Facebook #via Apple #free-of-charge


It is important to be careful about information regarding COVID-19 in the media and on the social networks. This site provides tips for developing critical thinking skills to evaluate if information is trustworthy.


This short article provides tips for how to be alone but not feel lonely during the COVID-19 stay-at-home period.


Listening to TED talks may help older adults explore and learn about new things. This resource provides an opportunity to gain knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. 
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This app is specifically designed to help with real life issues. Digipill uses psychoacoustics to help bring about change, build new habits and promote an overall sense of wellbeing. #international #Apple compatible #free-of-charge