Researcher Resources

To support researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the STAR Institute has compiled information that the academic community may find helpful. These range from funding opportunities for research projects to available resources and networks, all with the aim of developing technology-based solutions for problems related to COVID-19. Please note these resources are for information purposes only and we do not specifically endorse any of the products, services or companies listed.

This site informs you about funding opportunities for research and innovation projects that aim to address challenges and issues related to COVID-19.


Statistics Canada provides information that presents economic trends and social challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, Statistics Canada is inviting Canadians to participate in the Impacts of COVID-19 on a Canadian questionnaire.

BC has announced $5 million to expand current mental health programs and services and develop new services to support British Columbians during the COVID-19 crisis. #BC

CanCOVID is a network of COVID-19 researchers, clinical collaborators, and healthcare stakeholders from across Canada, developed to facilitate communication and collaboration among scientists, healthcare workers and policymakers during the COVID-19 crisis.

This framework acts as an evolving guide for researchers and decision-makers in order to support a coordinated BC health research approach and effort during COVID-19.

This site provides a list of freely available online resources that support research on COVID-19: COVID-19 Canadian and Global dashboards and reports, journal articles, websites, and literature search strategies.

This site provides a list of freely available publications on COVID-19 in The Lancet journals.


Elsevier is providing free access to health and medical research on the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and COVID-19. #international


WHO is creating a database of publications on COVID-19 by searching bibliographic databases and the table of contents of relevant journals and adding other scientific articles that draw their attention. The database is updated daily.

MAIA is a European research project investigating the needs of the aging workforce in modern international manufacturing systems and developing new technology-based solutions to issues related to the aging workforce which is relevant within COVID-19 context. #international

Deepen dialogue and collaboration on issues of action and community resilience by joining the regular Zoom call and/or SFUCOVNET Slack workspace. 

This website provides information for the research community including updates on the CIHR Spring 2020 Project Grant competition, the investment in COVID-19 research, and COVID-19 research and innovation outside Canada.

This blog provides an overview of the evolving COVID-19 crisis in BC, the public health measures put in place, health systems planning and capacity building implemented, and socio-economic impact of the crisis, as well as reflections on the responses taken in the province. #BC 

A UK Collaborative on Development Research (UKCDR) and the Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness (GloPID-R) have developed a live database (named research project tracker) that provides information on research projects and funding information related to COVID-19. #international

REACH BC is a new provincial online platform that helps health researchers connect to potential research partners and participants for their studies. #BC

Given that older adults are at greater risk of the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, United Nations released a policy brief that provides analysis and recommendations to address the COVID-19 related challenges faced by older adults.

JSTOR and its associated publishers have expanded free access to JSTOR resources until June 30, 2020 to help academic institutions, secondary schools, and everyone learn about COVID-19.


The Allen Institute for AI, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) and the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health are producing an open research dataset of scholarly literature about COVID-19, SARS-COV-2 and the coronavirus group. #international

This document provides guidance on infection prevention and control in long-term care facilities: how to prevent COVID-19 virus from entering the facilities and spreading within and outside them.

American Psychological Association provides information and resources that can help cope with COVID-19 related psychological issues.