Robin Insley Statistics Workshop Teaching Excellence Award

One or, exceptionally, two awards valued at $500 will be awarded annually as an honorarium to teaching assistants (TAs) assigned to the Statistics Workshop during the calendar year of nomination. To qualify for an award, a TA must meet the following criteria:

  • Has not previously been awarded the Stat Workshop TA Excellence Award.
  • Was employed in the Stat Workshop and eligible for all Workshop duties (not just marking) for at least one term during the respective year.
  • Was enrolled full-time in a program with SFU’s Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science (undergraduate or graduate) during the term(s) of service.
  • Is in good academic standing.
  • Has demonstrated commitment to teaching and/or assistance to instructors beyond the level of dedication expected of Stat Workshop TAs. Examples include (but are not limited to)
    • Superior effort and ability in delivering one-on-one help in the Workshop as observed by Workshop instructors, the Workshop Coordinator, and/or other TAs. (TA evaluations and student comments will be considered as supporting evidence.)
    • Maintaining a proactive attitude toward marking, invigilation, Workshop supervision, and other Workshop duties. This can include (but is not limited to) identifying issues and helping the coordinator or instructor to arrive at solutions and improvements.
    • Demonstrating a high regard for fairness to students in marking and invigilation.
    • Demonstrating positive leadership among Workshop TAs through attitude and example.
    • Providing reliable, high-quality support to an instructor or coordinator through assistance in the classroom, assistance with development of course materials, and/or through other forms of assistance that are not standard for Workshop TAs.

Application Procedure

  • This award is by nomination only.

Award Recipients

Year Recipients