The primary way in which undergraduates in the department participate in research is via the Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) program. This program exposes upper-division undergraduates to research, with the goal of encouraging them to pursue graduate studies leading to careers in research. Some examples of research projects from previous years can be found here.

Featured Student

"During summer 2020, I conducted research for Professor Sanders and Professor Bégin as a research assistant. The research topic was Collective Defined Contribution Pension Plans with Explicit Stabilization Mechanisms. This fantastic opportunity allowed me to improve on my weaknesses. In addition, it showed me how research builds the foundation for future improvement in the industry and creates benefits for our whole society. Most importantly, this experience helped me redefine my goals. I look forward to applying my knowledge to solving society's problems."

Tianxing Yan
B.Sc. Candidate
Actuarial Science, SFU 

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