Our research spans a wide range of methods across statistics, actuarial science, and data science. We pride ourselves on a strong tradition of interdisciplinary work

Featured research projects

William Ruth (shown) and Richard Lockhart are studying the potential spread of COVID-19 through the network of SFU students who share classes.

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Jiahao Tian (shown) and Professor
Tom Loughin are investigating the causal roles of treatment regimes on the quality of life of children with arthritis.

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Professors Jean-François Bégin (shown) and Barbara Sanders are conducting a quantitative study of the impact of pension plan consolidation.

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Research Concentrations

Statistics: Our highly interdisciplinary research brings statistical thinking to challenging problems across several domains. Learn more.

Actuarial Science: SFU is leading the way in multiple areas of actuarial science, including risk theory, stochastic modelling, longevity risk, and financial econometrics. Learn more

Data Science: Data science at SFU includes Bayesian, machine learning, and Big Data analysis applied to many areas, including sport, brain imaging, astronomy, and genomics. Learn more


The department hosts a vibrant seminar series featuring speakers from around the world. 

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Research resources

Find information about seminars, graduate defences, completed graduate theses, and computing.

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