M.Sc. and Ph.D. Defences

Below is the schedule of upcoming defences for graduate students in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science. If you wish to attend, please email statgrad at

Fall 2023

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


19 10:00am Hybrid Ph.D. Payman Nickchi
Linkage fine-mapping on sequences from case-control studies and Goodness-of-fit tests based on empirical distribution function for general likelihood model
18 10:30am Zoom M.Sc. Gurashish Bagga Offensive and defensive penalties on score differentials and drive outcomes in the NFL
18 2:30pm Hybrid M.Sc. Rina Wang
The Application of Categorical Embedding and Spatial-Constraint Clustering Methods in Nested GLM Model
6 1:00pm LIB 7200 M.Sc. David (Liwei) Lai
An Exploration of a Testing Procedure for the Aviation Industry


29 9:00am Hybrid M.Sc.
Teng-Wei Lin
Forecasting the trajectories of Southern Resident Killer Whales with stochastic continuous-time movement models


23 10:00am Hybrid Ph.D. Nirodha Epasinghege Dona
Big Data Applications in Genetics and Sports
6 1:00pm Zoom M.Sc. Kim Kroetch Inverse Ensemble Forecasting for COVID Outbreaks


22 9:30am Hybrid M.Sc. Summer Shan An application of the James-Stein Estimation Method in Modeling of Mortality Rates
7 9:30am Hybrid Ph.D. William Ruth
Computationally Intensive Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Summer 2023

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


10:00am Hybrid Ph.D. Boyi Hu Functional Regression Models
22 10:00am
Zoom Ph.D. Trevor Thomson
Statistical Methods for Evaluating Effects of Health Service Utilization on Survival Times with Linked Administrative Data, with Application to Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Management
17 10:00am Zoom Ph.D. Daisy (Ying) Yu
Penalized Likelihood Methods for Sparse Datasets, with Applications to Genetic Epidemiology
16 10:00am Hybrid Ph.D. Pulindu Ratnasekera Inference of gene-environment interaction from heterogeneous case-parent trios
15 2:00pm LIB 2020 M.Sc. Yuqi Meng Understanding and Exploring Meta-Features based on Data Properties in Meta-Learning for Regression Analysis


31 1:00pm Zoom M.Sc. Linwan Xu Statistical Analyses of Longitudinal Observational Data from Adults Living in Marginalized Housing,with Particular Attention to Cognitive Function Characterization
26 10:30am LIB 2020 M.Sc. Manpreet Kaur  Non-orthogonal Blocked Two-level Factorial Designs
24 10:00AM Hybrid Ph.D. Guanzhou Chen Contributions to Factorial Designs and Space-Filling Designs
20   10:30AM LIB 2020 M.Sc. Kalpani Darsha Perera
Nearly Orthogonal Arrays of Strength Three
10 4:00PM Zoom M.Sc. Junpu Xie
Equivalence tests between tobacco methodologies by Health Canada and WHO


19 4:00PM
Hybrid Ph.D. Haixu Wang Machine Learning in Functional Data Analysis


19 1:00PM LIB 2020 M.Sc. Jesse Schneider
Efficient Galaxy Classification Through Pretraining

Spring 2023

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


10:00am Zoom
M.Sc. Tianyu Yang
A pedigree-transmission likelihood for multiplex families


31 1:00pm Hybrid M.Sc. Hashan Peiris Integration of Traditional and Telematics data for Efficient Insurance Claims Prediction


M.Sc. Yaning Zhang
Dimension Reduction Methods with Application in Automobile Insurance

Fall 2022

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


19 2:00PM
Hybrid M.Sc. Elijah Cavan NHL Aging Curves Using Functional Principle Component Analysis
14 10:30AM LIB 2020 M.Sc. Carla Louw
Post-Selection Inference in Cox Proportional Hazards Models
LIB 2020 M.Sc. Wenyuan Zhou
A Complete Framework for Modelling Defined Benefit Pension Plans


28 4:30PM
LIB 2020 M.Sc. Ryker Moreau
Valuation of NHL Draft Picks using Functional Data Analysis
28 2:30PM LIB 2020 M.Sc. Brendan Kumagai Dynamic Prediction of the National Hockey League Draft with Rank-Ordered Logit Models
15 10:00AM
Lucas (Yifan) Wu
Soccer Analytics


23 10:30AM (PDT)
Shaun McDonald
Novel Approaches to Uncertainty Quantification in Nonparametric Settings